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5 Essential Books to Learn Thai

As travelers and students of the Thai language, we may be confused when we order a Thai dish with “pet noi” or “mai pet”… But don’t worry, we are here to help you! Mastering and learning Thai takes time, and what better way to learn the Thai language than with Thai learning books? Here we […]

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The Origins of the Mogu Mogu drink

For all your ceremonies, you have the choice between several types of exotic juices with different characteristics, including the Mogu Mogu drink. Very appreciated by many consumers, it is available in many flavors suitable for all tastes. If you want to know more, discover here the history of the Mogu Mogu drink as well as […]

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What is the nata de coco?

Coconut nata is a unique Filipino specialty made of fermented coconut water and usually eaten as a dessert. After several days of fermentation, it turns into a gelatinous substance with a soft texture. Plain coconut nata is pale white and almost translucent, neutral in flavor, and usually cut into large cubes. It first appeared in […]

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