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Discover our refreshing line of Dada drinks. These are carbonated waters with natural flavors. Various flavors are available: apple, strawberry, melon, peach, lychee, mojito, cherry, etc.

Dada drink
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Showing all 10 results

History of the Dada drink

Dada Drinks is a brand created in 2007 in France. Its two founders had the idea of offering fruity and sugar-reduced sparkling waters with transparent cans. They have taken as their main asset the use of natural flavors to offer their customers an authentic flavor. In addition to the incomparable taste of their products, the brand has made its main argument the transparency and low sugar content of its drinks, which is symbolized by the packaging of its cans.

Dada Drinks is located in Neuilly-sur-Seine, not far from Paris. One more advantage for you who live in France.

In general, Dada drinks target a population between 15 and 35 years old. But that does not prevent the youngest and oldest to enjoy it.

Opting for these very refreshing drinks means adopting a lifestyle that is both urban and positive. These are refreshments made especially for summer holidays.

Why Choose Dada Drinks?

There are plenty of reasons to choose Dada products. Their main asset is above all their taste. Whichever flavor you choose, these products made in France stand out with their authentic flavor. You delight in a taste like that of a real fruit in the mouth. Each flavor reveals a typical fruity note to revive your taste buds.

Dada drinks are very refreshing. They are able to compete with the major brands of exotic drinks. Delicately carbonated, their sparkling water is filled with bubbles. Which allows you the greatest freshness. And all this at an unbeatable price.

Since its creation, the Dada Drinks brand has made a point of honor on the external appearance. Indeed, the design of these 33 cl cans is breathtaking. All the flavors benefit from a label in the colors of the tropics. Since fruit drinks are very popular, especially during the summer holidays, the brand has put forward innovative packaging, specific to the brand. The goal is to attract consumers at first sight.

DADA the most sparkling drink

We offer you a whole range of refreshing dada drinks. These are sparkling waters with natural flavors. Various flavors are available: apple, strawberry, melon, peach, lychee, mojito, cherry, etc.

In a 33 cl can, these sparkling sparkling waters refresh you during hot weather. So stock up for this holiday!

Des questions ?

Regardless of flavor, Dada products have pretty much the same ingredients. In the list, there are:

  • Water,
  • Fructose,
  • Natural flavor,
  • Carbon dioxide,
  •   Citric Acid,
  •   Aspartame,
  •   Sodium Citrate,
  •   Potassium,
  •   Sorbate,
Don’t worry, because these elements have been carefully calibrated to provide you with healthy products that meet the required standards. For the elderly and pregnant women, checking the sugar level is highly recommended. Dada drinks provide the necessary nutrient supplements for daily nutritional balance.

At Tokyo Street Market, you can choose from different flavors of Dada drink:

Dada Lychee – 33 cl

Dada Lychee is a lychee flavored soft drink. Contained in a 33 cl can, this juice is ideal for summer holidays.

Dada Cherry – 33 cl

Do you like cherries? The Dada Cherry is then what you need. It is a soft drink made with the natural flavor of these wild fruits.

Dada Melon – 33 cl

For hot weather, opt for the naturally flavored Dada Melon. This sparkling product gives you the pleasure of a trip to the tropics. Its 33 cl can can be taken anywhere.

Dada Strawberry – 33 cl

The Dada Strawberry 33 cl will delight those who love these delicious little wild fruits. Made with natural aroma, it delivers an authentic strawberry taste.

Dada Mojito – 33 cl

The Dada Mojito, on the other hand, is an exquisite combination of mint leaves to give the flavor of this drink of Cuban origin. This product is made with natural flavors to give you an authentic taste.

Dada Guava – 33 cl

Dada Guava is a guava flavored product. It has been carefully concocted to produce the true taste of this tropical fruit.

Dada Mango – 33 cl

If you love these exotic fruits, the Dada Mango is all it takes. you need. It makes you enjoy the sweetness and freshness of a mango in the middle of summer.

Dada Pêche – 33 cl

The Dada Pêche is suitable for those who prefer peaches. Prepared with natural aroma, this sparkling drink is ideal for your holidays under the sun.

Dada Apple – 33 cl< /h3>Enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of an apple by opting for the Dada Apple. It is a natural flavored drink for the happiness of the whole family.