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Discover our range of Mogu Mogu drinks with coconut nata, from exotic flavors to more classic ones through unusual tastes.

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Mogu Mogu History and Origin

The expression Mogu Mogu is taken from a Japanese word meaning “to chew”. It designates a drink of Thai origin.

Indeed, it was produced for the first time in 2001 by a company based in Thailand. This is Sappe, a family business. This structure has a well-equipped factory. It contributes to compliance with environmental standards.

Having for native country Thailand Mogu Mogu knew how to make a place all over the world. Indeed, it is a drink widely consumed on the Asian continent, (particularly in the Philippines, Europe and the Middle East).

In the early 2000s, France experienced the rise of Japanese drinks such as ramune lemonade and its futuristic packaging with exotic flavors. Thailand is not to be outdone with soursop or coconut water.

The Secret Ingredients of Mogu Mogu Drink

Mogu Mogu is a refreshing drink with an exquisite flavor, made from several flavors. These different flavors are associated with the nata to give an exquisite sensation once placed on the tongue.

Coconut Nata is a tasty cube of coconut juice jelly. It is of Philippine origin and therefore contributes to the exceptional taste of these “soft drinks”.

Many flavors are available on our site, the most popular are lychee, pineapple, mango and melon.

The latter are rich in vitamin C. They also contain dietary fiber. Their cholesterol content is very low. These are low calorie drinks contributing to good digestion.

Discover the Mogu Mogu drink

There are several brands of exotic juices on the market, including Mogu Mogu. The latter offers a wide range of fruit juices with various flavors. If these drinks are still foreign to you, we make you discover this product straight from Asia.

Popular flavors that have been a hit on TikTok

During the summer of 2022, Tik Tok users could have the strange name “Mogu Mogu” trending on Tik Tok, indeed tens of thousands of TikTok videos appeared on the web in France and across the Atlantic. Original content has been created around the drink, such as challenges, tastings or even culinary confections at Mogu Mogu such as ice cream or smoothies.


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The Mogu Mogu range

A wide range of flavors for your pleasure:

  • Litchi | Mango
  • Melon | Strawberry
  • Peach | Blackcurrant
  • Pineapple | Grape
  • Passion fruit | And many others…
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Delicious coconut cubes

As mentioned earlier, these frozen coconut cubes add a creamy texture to the drink.

Most consumers describe it as a drink that can be crunched.

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Des questions ?

There is not one taste, but several aromas appreciated by the consumer:

Mogu Mogu Lychee

Composed of water, lychee juice, sucrose, citric acid and calcium lactate and preservatives. It also contains gelling agent and coloring agent.

Mogu Mogu Mango

This drink contains the same ingredients as Mogu Mogu lychee. The difference is in the flavor. Here it is a mango flavored drink. It is mainly made from mango juice.

Mogu Mogu Melon

Mogu Mogu melon flavor is made from melon juice concentrate.

The main preservatives present in the product are sodium benzoal (E-211) as well as the dye E210.

The main ingredients present in the product are:

63% water, nata de coco, fructose, sucrose, acidifiers and natural fruit flavors.

Like drinks from Thailand or Japan that are often packaged in glass, modern plastic packaging is used for mogu.

Yes, it is perfectly fine to buy our product individually. Delivery is calculated according to the weight and size of the package.

On the back of the bottle.

Yes, you can send us an information request in our professional / wholesaler area.

The flavor of the drink is natural fruit flavor, added to it fructose, citric acid (all ingredients are indicated on the package).