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Emblematic flavor in Eastern Europe, the Fanta Shokata is an amazing blend of lemon and elderflower flavors.

This soft drink stands out for its unique fruity and tangy taste.

An undisputed success

Fanta Shokata is another formula that the brand started offering in 2014. Victim of its success, it is regularly out of stock. Why not place an order now?

The socată refers to a sweetened drink of Romanian origin which is concocted with black elder flowers. These are then mixed with lemon zest. As for its non Shokata, it is the combination of the word socată  with “shock”. This is to better describe this experience ofexplosion of flavor both fresh and fruity.

An inimitable taste

What sets Fanta Shokata apart is its unusual taste. This blend of elderflower and lemon peel is simply delicious. It gives you a fruity sensation, very pleasant in the mouth. This blend of fruit juice and sparkling water makes it more thirst-quenching than other Fanta flavors. Why not let yourself be tempted by this moment of pleasure for a good mood throughout your day?

Absolutely tastyThe Fanta Shokata is a product that appeals to all ages, young and old alike. However, for older people, sugar levels should be monitored.

An unusual mix

Find in Fanta Shokata the true taste of elderflowers, one of the main ingredients of the famous socată. An ideal drink for those who love lemonade, as their flavors are pretty much the same. But, this juice from the American brand will make you feel even better with its particular taste that instantly reminds you of summer vacations.

By opting for this Fanta Shokata, you can enjoy all the benefits of its ingredients, including elderflowers. Be aware that these are rich in antioxidants such as flavonoids and phenolics. In addition to being tasty, elderflowers also provide vitamins A, B and C6, not to mention their iron and amino acid content.

Other basic ingredients of Fanta Shokata are lemon peel make its taste slightly acidic. Do you prefer drinks that are not too sweet? This lemon flavored Fanta is perfect for you. Who doesn’t know the high vitamin C content of this fruit?

These two ingredients are mixed to seduce all the taste buds. And why not yours?

The ingredients of Fanta Shokata

To meet the most capricious requirements, many ingredients are used to produce this inimitable taste Fanta Shokata. Mainly, there are the aromas of elderflower and lemon juice concentrate. These are mixed with water and sugar to spoil you.

Fanta Shokata has this acidic taste thanks to citric acid and malic acid. An acidity that is delicately stabilized by sodium gluconate.

This drink contains stabilizers and preservatives carefully measured stabilizers and preservatives and sweeteners such as sucralose and acesulfame.

Why order Fanta Shokata in a few words?

This is simply because Fanta Shokata has a taste that is out of the ordinary. Sound sparkling water makes it even more refreshing. And even better, this drink is made with natural flavors. This allows him to produce this original taste of elderflower mixture and lemon peel.

Characterized by a low caloric intake (28 kcl/100ml), Fanta Shokata promises an excellent daily nutritional balance. It is a drink to be consumed fresh.

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