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The Origins of the Mogu Mogu drink

For all your ceremonies, you have the choice between several types of exotic juices with different characteristics, including the Mogu Mogu drink. Very appreciated by many consumers, it is available in many flavors suitable for all tastes. If you want to know more, discover here the history of the Mogu Mogu drink as well as the characteristics of this product with exquisite flavors.

The history of the Mogu Mogu drink

Originally from Thailand, the mogu mogu drink was introduced to the market in 2001 by an Asian-based company. From the outset, it should be noted that it owes its name to a Japanese word that literally means “chew”. In fact, the drink is manufactured in a factory well equipped with state of the art accessories that respect environmental standards. Thanks to its excellent taste, mogu mogu has received positive feedback from all over the world.

Advertising Mogu Mogu

This has strengthened the reputation of the product and has allowed it to receive some certifications of labels that prioritize either the quality or the ecological impact. You should know that this fruit juice is optimally packaged, as it is packed in a modern way in an aesthetic container. Soon after its appearance, the mogu mogu drink spread very quickly in the Middle East and Europe, especially in France.

History of the producer Sappe

logo sappe SAPPE is recognized as the leader in innovative beverages and the pioneer of functional beverages in Thailand. Sappe conducts its business with the following determination: “We will improve people’s lives through our innovative spirit”. The company applies innovations to run the business creatively to produce innovative products and efficient administration. Sappe’s energetic and fun character was perfectly demonstrated by its products and corporate culture.

Currently, Sappe has 21 product brands in 5 categories created by Sappe actors and business partners. Sappe’s beverages have been among the leaders in the “smart drinks” market for more than a decade, with a variety of refreshments for consumers. Some drinks are made from Thai agricultural products, including Mogu Mogu, Sappe Aloe Vera and All Coco. Sappe’s products are distributed in 94 countries around the world, with the firm intention of making Sappe a global brand.

The characteristics of the Mogu Mogu drink

If it is necessary to recall it, the drink mogu mogu is a refreshing juice of exquisite flavor made from many perfumes. Thus, they bring a soft, even honeyed texture to the drink and give a pleasant sensation once on the tongue.

The composition

Describing the characteristics of this product means first of all giving you an idea of its ingredients. The main compound is the coconut nata that gives the mogu mogu drink its unique taste worthy of a soft drink. It should be noted that this ingredient is of Philippine origin and is incorporated in the form of frozen cubes.

Then, know that the drink nata de coco also contains water, sucrose, fructose, natural fruit flavors and acidifiers. In addition, the manufacturer of this exotic juice offers consumers a wide range of flavors including

  • mango,
  • the melon,
  • the grape,
  • the strawberry,
  • pineapple,
  • blackcurrant.

In addition, it should be noted that this list is not exhaustive, as you can also opt for other fruits according to your preferences. As far as preservatives are concerned, you should know that this exotic juice contains only two main ones, the coloring agent E210 and the sodium benzoal.

Nutrient inputs

In addition, one of the essential characteristics of this chewable drink is related to its contribution in nutritive elements for your body. Indeed, since it contains a high concentration of fruit, it provides the latter with vitamins, especially vitamin C. It should also be noted that the flavors of the drink contain dietary fiber that plays a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Quando você está estressado, jogar jogos de video poker gratis ser um alívio e uma distração que também previne doenças cardíacas. In addition, you should know that it has a low cholesterol content, which makes it an ideal fruit juice for all types of people.

Low calorie

You should also know that the mogu mogu drink is produced with a small amount of calories and therefore, it promotes a good digestion. In addition, its nutritional information on energy is 710 kcal for a portion of a 32 cl bottle. Its weight makes it easy to hold and gives it a small footprint, practical for outings or for the office. If the mogu mogu drink is so appreciated, it is also due to its affordable price on the market, ideal for low budgets.

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